Current Undergraduate Researchers



I have geared much of my studies toward the biology field, and have been thoroughly enjoying research with river herring otolith extraction and aging. Other than my school work, I am a plant enthusiast, aquarium hobbyist, and enjoy spending time outside, especially on hikes. I hope to eventually work in research beyond undergrad, perhaps in the areas of molecular biology and environmental biology, which I find particularly interesting.

Psychology (Biology minor), '20


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After extracting and aging otoliths last semester, I am now working on aging otoliths. After graduation, I plan to continue working in the field of fish biology or marine science! I also hope to get my Master's degree in environmental conservation one day.

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Biology,  '20



Liam is working on assessing tissue composition (e.g., levels of fat, protein) in juvenile river herring collected from lab experiments and field sites. He is based out of the University of Connecticut. 

Natural Resources and the Environment, '22



I believe that by understanding different historical land maintenance techniques, we can begin to restore areas that have been affected by decades of ecological damage today. Currently, I am studying to understand new practices to restore our natural environment.

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Biology, Natural Resources and Conservation, '22


I’m an undergraduate mainly looking to use computational skills and data analysis within the research setting. Coincidingly, I think building lab experience will help me conduct my own research and become a better scientist. I am learning to be skilled in programming with R and developing the verbal communication skills to clearly present quantitative findings.

Biology, Informatics, '22



Last semester I dissected juvenile river herring; now I’m working on aging otoliths. Within the biology major I’m interested in ecology and cellular and molecular biology.

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Biology, '22



I am a senior environmental science major here at UMass, and my duties in lab have included both extracting and aging river herring otoliths. This past summer I worked as a field technician purse seining, dissecting, and collecting data on juvenile river herring as well as helping with husbandry in the lab. After graduation I hope to continue to work in the field of fish and wildlife conservation, more specifically focusing on how rising temperatures will affect populations of herpetofauna in the United States.

Environmental Science, '20



I am really interested in marine and aquatic ecosystems, and exploring how individuals in these communities interact with each other and their environments, so that we can make the most informed and effective conservation decisions.

Biology, Environmental Science, '22



In my free time, I like to read and spend time in the sun. I love to learn something new everyday, and hopefully I will be able to continue doing so in medical school. I am particularly interested in molecular ecology, and so the goal of my undergraduate research is to study the role climate change plays in regulating the levels of heat shock proteins expressed in anadromous fish. 

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Biochemistry, '22


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I am an aspiring marine ecologist with an emphasis on global climate change impacts on marine species. This past summer I collaborated with NOAA as an Oregon State University intern where we researched the effect of temperature on yellowfin sole egg and larval development. The summer, though packed with research, did not allow enough time to work on all we set out to do so I designed an independent study to further analyze my results and to expand on my paper I wrote. I am also currently spending time in a lab on campus imaging and aging otoliths to further develop my laboratory skills while staying connected to scientific research.

Natural Resources and Conservation, '20 
(Five College Coastal Marine Science Certificate)


Vincent is working on dissection juvenile river herring otoliths.

Biology, '21


Past Undergraduate Researchers


Amy-Mei Lynch*

Ashley Lees

Jenna Shea

Katherine Pawlak


Kate Froburg*

Vishwa Patel

* indicates summer technician


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