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Being selfish means staying alive

When I say altruism, you probably think of giving to others. As humans, we admire when someone acts altruistic and consider altruism to be a good personality trait.

Why then, is true altruism in the animal kingdom rare?

Charity cases in nature - when are animals more likely to be altruistic?

With the understanding that true altruism never benefits an individual, let’s explore some of these interesting cases of altruism in nature.

A thorny, venomous creature is terrorizing coral reefs

When you’ve got venomous thorns and you eat innocent beautiful coral for breakfast, I think you qualify as a new kind of monster.

Fish are friends AND food

Many people don’t think about fish beyond what’s in their tanks or on their plate. Fish are actually a valuable and important focus for research efforts. I have trillions of reasons why!

When boys become men by dancing

It’s hard to catch the attention of ladies sometimes. So why not do a little dance, to make a little love? Let’s catch up on some of the best courtship dances in the natural world.

Why the sea salt fad could be very bad

Though it can be prettier and tastier than your average iodized salt, gourmet salt is unfortunately lacking a huge health benefit.

Why do I shiver when it’s cold?

Body shivering, teeth chattering, why does our body descend into a twitching mess in the cold? Learn how odd behaviors work to keep us warm!

A Fishtastic Journey Abroad
Is it possible to eat too much fish?

Seafood is part of a healthy diet, but it’s not a perfect health food. Let’s discuss fish consumption advisories and how they can help you avoid eating unhealthy seafood.

Do we have all the data needed to make safe choices about seafood?

Every year, fish consumption advisories are published to help us make healthy seafood choices, but how good is the data used to construct these advisories?

A  baby photo book – for fish!

You know how new parents always post photos of their babies?

Well this is that, but with fish.

Lessons from My First Conference

I attended my first mega-conference as a graduate student, and I learned a few things along the way...

Live Fast, Die Young: Why Some Animals Die After Mating

Some have termed it “suicidal mating,” when adult animals die shortly after mating for the first time. How could it be beneficial to live a short life and only reproduce once?

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Some Australians consider kangaroos to be pests. Surprised? So was I.

Kangaroos, posterchildren for the Australian outback, are considered by some to be pests in their homeland. In fact, most tourists have experienced the availability of kangaroo meat and leather in parts of Australia.

How did this come to be?

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