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     All we knew is that we wanted to make an outreach blog. We weren’t sure how or who would be willing to help with such an endeavor. A core group of organizers lay the groundwork for what the blog might look like and began to recruit from several life science graduate programs across the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. We recruited 30 students from six different graduate programs: Environmental Conservation, Microbiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neuroscience and Behavior, Plant Biology, and Organismic and Evolutionary Ecology.

     Through the process of planning and building this website, we have been able to meet and collaborate with people across departments and study areas. When working with a group of people who believe in a cause and are excited about what they’re doing, everything becomes so much easier. Within months, we created something we can be proud of and are excited to share with all of you.

     Our goal is to bring accessible life science articles to the general public, while creating a new thriving community of early career scientists who are actively practicing science communication. We hope to continue growing and improving to bring our work to people internationally as well as in the local community.

Some That's Life [Science] Statistics

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This data was recorded by Google Analytics for our website, From Feb 28, 2019 - Feb 29, 2020 we were visited by an average of 7,182 visitors per month, 1,953 visitors per week, and 175 visitors per day. 

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Over the last year, we have had users from virtually every country on the planet (top left graph). Though most of our traffic comes from the United States (right table), a number of other countries also have high traffic to the site. The bottom left graph shows the concentration of users by city.

# blog posts I've written: 20

# views on my posts: >23,000

These numbers are over the entire lifetime of the blog (May 2015 until date of posting, March 2020).